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  • 10dBi Fiberglass Antenna
  • 10dBi Fiberglass Antenna
  • 10dBi Fiberglass Antenna
10dBi Fiberglass Antenna10dBi Fiberglass Antenna10dBi Fiberglass Antenna

10dBi Fiberglass Antenna

  • Gain:10dBi
  • V.S.W.R(≤):1.5(dBi)
  • Input impedance:50Ω
  • Frequency:2400-2500MHz
  • Product description: We provide customized services: offer OEM/ODM service, we can customized according to different connectors, line length, frequency, shape and so on. If you need to customize service, please contact us

Gain :10dBi
Max Power:100W
Input Impedance:50Ω
Interface: N-J Male
Diameter: 2cm
Frequency range:2400-2500MHz
Radome material:fiberglass
Material:pure copper
Lightning Protection:DC ground
Radiation pattern:omni-directional
Operational humidity:<65%
Rated wind velocity:100Km/h
Working temp:-40°+ 65°